We’re looking for brand fans and influencers with a desire and ability to spread the word about our products and services to their fans and social circles.

Influencer marketing drives engagement and brings in new audiences. That’s good for us. For you, as a member of our Brand Advocacy Team, you get access to free products, new content for your blogs/social media, behind the scenes brand access, exclusive sponsorship and endorsement opportunities, the ability to earn money as an affiliate, and more. That’s good for you.

All we ask for in return is for Influencers to promote our brand to their audiences on their social platforms, websites, blogs, email blasts, and other channels (such as radio and TV). How easy is that?

Do You Have What it Takes?

  • Credibility: Do you have expertise and/or influence in our market? Do people look to you for recommendations on products or services like ours? Are you credible?
  • Reach: Do you have reach through social media channels, email lists, blogs, TV, radio, and/or other online venues to engage sizeable audiences?
  • Demographics: Do the demographics of your target audience match those of our target audience? Will you reach people likely to be interested in hearing about/buying our products or services?
  • Desire: Do you have the desire and conviction to promote our brand and drive a desired behavior from your audience?

Ways You Can Help

There are many ways you help us extend the reach of our brand as a member of our Brand Advocacy Team.

  • Tier #1 BRAND FANS: As a Brand Fan, you just can’t get enough of our products and services and want to tell others about them through blogs, social media, email blasts, affiliate links, etc. You might not be the most famous influencer or have the largest reach, but you are loyal to our brand and want to grow your audience and influence by helping us spread the word while you earn cool rewards, discounts, and referral fees through affiliate sales.
  • Tier #2 INFLUENCERS: As an Influencer, you have a large following, credibility, and high levels of engagement with out target audience. You bring more to the table than a Brand Fan (though you brand fans are important too), are looking to extend your reach and influence even further, and are willing to do all the things our Brand Fans do in exchange for even more product discounts, special offers (for you and your audiences), referral fees through affiliate sales, and more!
  • Tier #3 AMBASSADORS: As an Ambassador, you’re well-known to the industry in which we operate (or maybe even famous). You’re highly credible and influential and you want to and can do more and be more than a Brand Fan or Influencer. This means you’re all-in on our brand and ready to do all the things a Brand Fan or Influencer might do, plus endorse, sponsor, or be part of a special event. The possibilities are endless.


Influencer Terms & Conditions


Read Influencer Terms & Conditions.


CORE Gaming Ambassador Program


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How It Works

As a member of our Brand Advocacy Team, you get access to free products, new content for your blogs/social media (we can provide topics, example text, and imagery so that it’s super easy for you), behind the scenes brand access, exclusive sponsorship/endorsement opportunities, the ability to earn money as an affiliate, sponsor, or endorser, and MUCH more!

All we ask for in return is for you to promote our brand on your social channels, blogs, email blasts, etc. using our hashtags and handles.

You’ll also be expected to like, share, or comment daily on our social media platforms, when posting use our hashtags and handles (we’ll provide these), and follow our social media pages, which you’re probably already doing anyway, right?.

Of course, joining our team is not a slam dunk. We don’t take just anyone. We require that all members of our Brand Advocacy Team join in good faith and act in ways that are truthful, non-fraudulent, and can be documented.

Before we begin, we’ll have a written contract that outlines our responsibilities and yours, the nature of our relationship, and establishes the scope of work, participation levels, and of course how you will be rewarded and/or compensated.




When joining our Brand Advocacy Team, we ask that you register through our influencer management platform. This platform acts as the primary tool for spreading awareness about our brand. There you will be able to access content, graphics, and relevant news and updates. You’ll also be able to track reward points, special offers, discounts, and affiliate earnings (if applicable).

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about how to join our Brand Advocacy Team and the merits of participation—or you have other ideas on how you might be able to help, contact us today.