Versatile, Feature Rich Carrying Solutions from CORE Gaming

Choosing the Perfect Gaming Backpack for Fall Travels

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Versatile, Feature Rich Carrying Solutions from CORE Gaming

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, or heading home for the holidays, gamers don’t ever need to leave their gear behind. With the right backpack and mobile power from CORE Gaming, gamers can take their gaming tech with them easily.

“A lot of gamers are college students or young adults who will be traveling to see family this fall, or heading home over school break,” explains Paul June, VP of Marketing for CORE Gaming. “For many, this creates a dilemma. With limited space, do they take their cherished gaming gear with them or leave it behind, and how do they do it safely?”

Finding a gaming backpack that seamlessly combines functionality, style, and optimal organization is critical for safe, enjoyable travels.

Capacity and Storage

The first consideration for gamers is size. Simply put, will the backpack fit the gamer’s laptop or console – and do so safely? Gamers should look for a gaming backpack that also provides ample space for essential accessories and peripherals without being excessively bulky.

Length of Trip

The needs for a weekend getaway may be satisfied with a more compact carrying solution, while an extended adventure might necessitate a larger backpack or duffel. Striking the right balance ensures gamers have enough space for gear without compromising portability.

Protecting Precious Tech

Gaming tech often comes with a hefty price tag, making its protection a top priority. Gamers should choose backpacks with durable exteriors designed to protect against weather and spills plus stand up to rigorous travel. Padded, reinforced compartments that shield gear from bumps and drops during transit are a must.

Comfort for the Long Haul

Whether jetting to a business conference with gaming gear in tow, or taking a bus crosstown, user comfort is paramount. Backpacks with adjustable, padded shoulder straps and ventilated back panels can ease the burden of prolonged wear. Padded carry handles are a plus.

Style Meets Function

Gamers shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. The perfect gaming backpack seamlessly blends both, allowing gamers to express their personalities while also protecting and organizing their gear.

Power On the Go

Gamers know the importance of staying powered up, especially during long journeys. Backpacks with external USB ports or cable pass-throughs are a must. This convenient feature allows for charging on the go, ensuring that gaming devices are ready for action when gamers are. Plus mobile power makes recharging during airport layovers or coffee shop breaks a breeze.

Putting it All Together

CORE Gamingrecommends the following backpacks and power accessories to help gamers get the most out of their gear and their fall travel experiences:

The popular Core Gaming Backpack is tailor-made for gamers. It accommodates a wide range of popular gaming laptops and consoles. With three spacious compartments pre-wired for power banks and a USB pass-through, it's ideal for moving mobile gear and keeping it charged. Highlights include a checkpoint-friendly laptop compartment, a fleece-lined pouch for tablets, headphone holder, and room for personal items.

The award-winning CORE Gaming Tactical Backpack is for serious gamers who need lots of room and serious protection for their gear, plus configurable storage. It’s made from the same ballistic nylon found in flak jackets, so it can take a beating while gaming gear inside doesn’t. Highly configurable, the backpack’s external, front webbing can be customized using removable “MOLLE” pockets for storage.

The special edition, legacy Alienware Area-51m Elite Backpacksports a distinctive white exterior with a reflective Alienware head logo and silver interior. It’s a great way for Alienware aficionados to show off some style and personality. With a spacious 40-liter storage capacity, three compartments, six exterior pockets, and seven interior pockets, it’s also a great way to store and organize gear.

The new CORE Power 24000 mAh AC / USB Laptop Power Chargercan charge up to four devices at once and double a laptop's battery life. With its four outputs and three charging methods, including a built-in AC outlet, it's versatile for travel, camping, or afterschool activities. Lightweight, compact, and durable, this charger also packs the maximum power allowed to meet FAA carry-on requirements for lithium-ion batteries.

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