Gaming Gifts for Mom - Happy Mother's Day!

Gifts for Gaming Moms: CORE Gaming's Top Recommendations

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All Gamers Play to Relax, Socialize, and Keep Their Minds Sharp, Including Moms

Video games are not just for kids and young adults. Moms like gaming, too. In fact, 71% of mother’s report that they play video games.

Gamers looking for a gift for their moms should keep that in mind with Mother’s Day just around the corner. They should also keep CORE Gaming in mind. CORE Gaming vets the latest video gaming gear, tech, and accessories for performance, style, and quality.

Gaming is usually thought of as being male dominated, but you might be surprised by what the numbers really show. In the United States, some 62% of women and girls play video games. That, plus the fact that the average age of video game players is 33, suggests a lot of moms are playing.

Like their kids, moms play video games to relax, socialize, and keep their minds sharp. They also enjoy a wide range of game types. Favorites include puzzle games like Candy Crush and Sudoku, plus adventure and role-playing games such as Uncharted and Final Fantasy.

While their interests may vary, their needs do not. All gamers—moms and everyone else—need quality, reliable gear so they can get their game on when opportunity knocks.

CORE Gaming is a one-stop shop for gamers of all ages, interests, and abilities. We offer a growing lineup of controllers, headsets, protective cases, gaming chairs, mobile power accessories, and more from top brands.

Here are two top choices for moms this year:

The CORE Gaming Deluxe Duffel Bag is a rugged, durable, and stylish travel companion for mobile moms. A must-have for gamers, the Deluxe Duffel also serves as a great gym bag or super travel go-bag.

Its roomy main compartment fits a variety of gaming gear and accessories in addition to overnight garments and gadgets. Multiple pockets and a comfort-fit shoulder strap make it easy to pack, protect, and carry lots of gear. Additional features include ballistic-nylon construction to stand up to the rigors of daily use, heavy-duty feet, and a lifetime warranty.

The duffel's interior is pre-wired for connecting a mobile power bank like the CORE Power 24000 mAh AC/USB Laptop Charger. The CORE 24,000 features a massive battery capacity that can charge up to four devices at once, including a laptop. Outputs include a 65W USB-C port and built-in 80W AC outlet.

The CORE 24,000’s slim design makes it an easy fit for carry-on bags, like the CORE Duffel. World-class safety features include Smart Chip Technology for charging devices optimally, plus protection from overcharging, overheating, overvoltage, and short circuits.

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for families to make the gaming experience more comfortable for moms. A protective bag or new gaming accessory can be a thoughtful and unique gift that mothers will appreciate. This is especially true for moms who are into gaming or looking for new ways to relax with family.

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Sharron Smith
I LOVE this!!! My kids got me this and I am just jumping with joy!!! I LOVE HyperGear!!!!!

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