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Gamers have a lot invested in their gaming laptops, consoles, and other tech. One of their top priorities is to find a way to transport all that gear safely, conveniently, and in style. Fortunately, Mobile Edge offers a variety of solutions . . . plus these five tips (see below) on how gamers can choose their perfect gaming bag.

Times sure have changed:

Managing gaming gear hasn’t always been so complicated. Once, it was common for Atari 2600s to sit stationary next to the family TV or for gamers to tote Game Boys and game cartridges perilously in  disposable plastic bags. That’s all changed. Today’s world is more mobile than ever:

With so many people and their games on the move, as the needs of gamers evolve, so do the bags Mobile Edge designs and manufactures. Mobile Edge is proud to be an industry leader who consistently brings new and innovative solutions to the marketplace. For more than 15 years, we’ve worked with both Alienware and Razer to produce a variety of gaming bags and gaming apparel . And in 2017, we started our own line of CORE gaming products, which features award-winning bags and mobile power accessories.

How to Choose the Perfect Gaming Bag

    Is the bag big enough to fit a laptop, gaming console, tablet, smartphone, or all the above? Does it have dedicated storage? Is there room to grow? Bags such as Mobile Edge’s CORE Gaming Backpacks are ideal for most gaming laptops, plus they include compartments for accessories, keyboards, controllers, and more.
    As the needs of gamers change, so too do their vital accessories . Does the bag have storage for cords, power supplies , controllers, mice , keyboards? What about Virtual Reality headsets and related accessories?In addition to a gaming laptop, Mobile Edge’s new CORE VR Backpack is designed to carry VR headsets and controllers.
    Gaming gear adds up, which means weight and comfort are concerns.Do gamers want to carry their tech by hand (duffle style, such as with Mobile Edge’s Charcoal Metro Duffel ) or backpack-style (the CORE Backpacks and the Alienware Vindicator Backpack 2.0 are solid choices)? Mobile Edge bags offer a number of comfort features such as padded, shock-absorbing shoulder strap systems and ergonomic handles.
    What types of harsh conditions might gamers encounter? From the CORE Backpacks to the Razer Tactical Pro Gaming Backpack , Mobile Edge makes all of its bags using only high-grade materials, such as durable ballistic Nylon, steel fittings, and self-healing zippers. All are backed by a lifetime warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.
    Gamers want gear that reflects their personalities. Mobile Edge produces bags for men and women in various styles that range from edgy to contemporary, and for those who prefer a smaller carbon footprint, we offer Eco-Friendly bags made of 100% Cotton or DuPont Sorona.

Featured Bags

  • CORE GAMING BACKPACK— Named the 2017 VIP Award Winner by TWICE Magazine , Mobile Edge’s CORE Gaming Backpacks are ideal for most popular gaming laptops. Designed by gamers for gamers, CORE Backpacks include dedicated compartments for accessories, keyboards, controllers, and more. It comes in three versions, including one for Virtual Reality gear and one that features a Velcro-panel for affixing patches and emblems.
  • ALIENWARE VINDICATOR 2.0 BACKPACK— The Alienware Vindicator Backpack 2.0  is durable and versatile. It features dedicated compartments for a laptop, tablet, gaming accessories, magazines, and more.Itssleek, modern design mirrors Alienware’s new laptop industrial design and includes the iconic Alienware logo.
  • RAZER TACTICAL PRO GAMING BACKPACK— Designed to take a beating, the Razer Tactical Pro Gaming Backpack is made from the same materials used in military flak jackets. This backpack is water-resistant, scratch, and tear-proof, and can carry laptops up to 17.3 inches, with an additional microfiber lined pouch for a tablet.

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