Join the Kickstarter for the CORE Gaming Backpack | Make It Happen!

Join the Kickstarter for the CORE Gaming Backpack | Make It Happen!

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One week in, Mobile Edge’s very first Kickstarter campaign to support production of its full-featured CORE Gaming Backpack is more than 20% funded toward its 45-day, $30,000 goal.

Clearly, gamers know a good thing when they see it. The CORE Gaming Backpack from Mobile Edge is the real deal, and so is your opportunity to get one. Early bird pricing may soon be over, but there are still plenty of opportunities to back this project, save big, and get rewards!

Designed, developed, prototyped, tested, and produced by gamers, specifically for gamers, the CORE Gaming Backpack is a full-featured bag designed to provide easy-access storage, transportation, and power on-the-go for all the gear gamers need to be at their gaming best—and it’s backed by Mobile Edge’s famous Lifetime Warranty.

Just jump on over to our Kickstarter Page for details on special offers and how you can be among the first to get your hands on this bag first before others do.

The CORE Gaming Backpack is great for any gamer or gaming enthusiast who wants to begin using it immediately as part of his or her gaming repertoire, as well as for gift giving with the winter holidays approaching.

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There’s More to Come

Watch for our next blog on Thursday for another update on Kickstarter status, plus the next segment of our special feature where we follow the fictional (but fact-based) exploits of a team of up-and-coming esports participants!

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