As College Graduates Level Up, Videogames Can Provide Much-Needed Time for Relaxation

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College graduates will soon be interviewing for new jobs or they’ll be taking the next steps toward furthering their educations. Wherever the future takes them, they can’t be all work and no play. That’s just too stressful, and life’s too short.

Whether it’s a break from studies or a break from the daily 9-to-5 (or later) grind, taking time to relax and have fun is important. According to the experts at, taking a break can help us cope better with stress, restore energy, and improve focus.

One way college students and young adults relax these days is by playing videogames. The Entertainment Software Association, the trade association of the video game industry in the USA, estimates that 67 percent of American adults play videogames. Nearly 40 percent are age 18 to 34. Without question, videogaming is fast becoming one of the nation’s—and the world’s—favorite pastimes.

That said, and with graduation coming fast, CORE Gaming makes it easy to find quality gaming gear for your student. Whether your gamer is a newbie or an RPG vet, gaming gear is a gift he or she will appreciate.

Here are a few of our top picks for both mobile and desktop gamers.

For Alienware fans, look no further than the Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack. It fits 17.3" screens for Alienware R2 or R3 Systems. This backpack features a durable high-density nylon exterior and weather-resistant non-slip base. It has dedicated compartments for a laptop, tablet device, gaming accessories, USB drives, and lots more.

The Alienware M17 Elite Backpack is designed specifically for Alienware’s Thin & Light m-Series laptops. Lightweight yet loaded with features, this backpack is perfect for gamers on the go. In addition to dedicated storage for laptops and more, it features a unique gadget pocket for in-the-bag charging.

You graduate can also show some love for the Alienware brand with hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and jackets, also available at the CORE Gaming website. All Alienware apparel features the iconic Alienware logo.

The award-winning CORE Gaming Backpack is a favorite of serious gamers. It features dedicated storage for laptops and gaming consoles and is pre-wired for a power bank or external battery. The hook and loop front panel version is especially popular for its ability to attach school, team, and club patches.

The 15537 HyperGear SoundRecon RGB LED Gaming Headset brings immersive light and audio to the gaming experience. The SoundRecon technology enhances game play with full-range stereo surround sound, long-wear comfortability, and dynamic RGB lighting.

Gamers can sit in style and comfort with the new, upgraded Forte Gaming Chair from Arozzi. This ergonomic chair features cold-molded foam for extra comfort, a steep recline of 165°, and a rocking function that tilts the seat and back rest up to 12°.

Last, but certainly not least, today’s mobile gaming devices require extreme power. The CORE Power AC USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger features an AC outlet that delivers 85 watts. It's ideal for charging laptops, personal electronics, and USB devices. It’s also airplane-friendly, meeting FAA carry-on requirements for batteries.

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