Protect Your Gaming Gear with Mobile Edge

Protect Your Gaming Gear with Mobile Edge

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By 2020, predicts gaming industry research company Newzoo, the size of the eSports industry will top $1.5 billion. While not yet at revenue levels enjoyed by traditional sports leagues such as the NBA ($7.37 billion in 2017) and NHL ($4 billion in 2017), the signs are all there for the fast pace of growth of eSports to continue worldwide ( recently reported that eSports “revenues, audiences, and events are growing exponentially” with all indicators pointing to double-digit growth for years to come).

Who’s Playing eSports?

The term eSports typically refers to competitive video game players and teams organized into leagues to play strategic, battle arena, one-on-one, and first-person shooter games. estimates there are more than 250 million competitive players worldwide.

eSports athletes compete using gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo to play games like Call of Duty, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros.; or Personal Computers to play games such as Overwatch, Warcraft, and Defense of the Ancients; or even their smartphones to play mobile games such as Vainglory and Clash Royale.

Prize money for the more than 600 major eSports events held in 2017 was estimated at $112 million, but eSports is no longer just for the professionals. It’s now recognized as an official sport by many high schools and colleges.

Additionally, just as traditional sports have their fan bases, eSports enthusiasts flock to watch eSports competitions and gameplay. The total eSports audience is expected to reach 380 million people this year, representing a growth of more than 13.5% from 2017.

And just this week, League of Legends developer Riot signed a partnership with Mastercard that includes offering in-game benefits for cardholders, along with special ticketing programs, for Riot’s three annual major esports tournaments.

Protect Gaming Gear

It’s no surprise that as eSports has grown, so too has the amount of money invested in gaming consoles, laptops, mobile devices, chargers, and various other tech and accessories.

For more than 15 years, Mobile Edge has been at the forefront of producing the hottest, high-quality backpacks, laptop cases, and bags up to the task of protecting all that tech. Compared to the value of what’s inside, investing in a top-notch carrying case or backpack is a relatively inexpensive way to avoid the catastrophe of damaged or lost gear.

CORE Gaming Backpack

Introduced in 2017 and designed by gamers for gamers, Mobile Edge’s CORE Gaming Backpack provides easy-access storage, power on-the-go, and transportation for all popular models of gaming laptops (up to 18”), plus dedicated compartments for gaming accessories, such as keyboards, controllers, headphones, and even snacks and drinks! It’s also TSA checkpoint-friendly, features a trolley strap for stacking on top of other luggage, and is constructed of rugged ballistic nylon that delivers style, comfort, and reliability for a lifetime of quality, guaranteed by Mobile Edge.

Named the 2017 VIP Award Winner in TWICE Magazine’s PC Accessories category, Mobile Edge also offers a version of the CORE Backpack that features a Velcro panel on which eSports athletes and their fans can affix patches and emblems of their favorite teams.


  • Sized to hold all popular models of gaming laptops (up to 17″-18″)
  • Three large storage sections pre-wired for a power bank or external battery
  • Four side accessory pockets for cables, phones, or oversized water bottles or snacks
  • Built-in external USB charge port
  • Checkpoint-friendly design to speed through TSA checkpoints
  • Constructed of durable ballistic nylon with tailored contrast stitching
  • Lifetime warranty

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