CORE Gaming Affiliate Program Boosts Access to 
Essential Gaming Gear

CORE Gaming Affiliate Program Boosts Access to 
Essential Gaming Gear

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The videogaming industry continues to be big business worldwide. Market and consumer data leader Statista reports that in 2021 there were 3.24 billon gamers globally, generating revenues in excess of $180 billion. All that revenue means gamers more than ever need access to gaming gear and tech through suppliers they can trust. CORE Gaming vets products from around the world so gamers know the gear they’re getting offers quality, performance, and style.

"At our core, we are gamers designing and selling essential products for gamers," explains PJ, VP of CORE Gaming. "We take time to do our due diligence. Gamers know that if we offer it on our website, they can purchase with confidence. The same goes for affiliate marketers. We review every applicant to ensure they are a fit for our products and for our customers."

CORE Gaming's Affiliate Program is for influencers, gamers, and individuals with the desire to leverage their websites, blogs, and social media followings. By joining, affiliates can begin earning a commission on online sales made using their unique affiliate link. The purpose of the affiliate program, says June, is to “extend the reach of CORE Gaming products to gamers everywhere and to be able to give back when others share their love for CORE Gaming products.”

Not just anyone can join CORE Gaming’s Affiliate Program. Only individuals, teams, clubs, and organizations with a connection to the gaming market and the desire to help spread the word about CORE Gaming products need apply.

CORE Gaming deployed its cutting-edge affiliate marketing platform, powered by Avantlink, earlier this year. Once approved, affiliates receive unique links to embed on their web pages, blogs, emails, and social media. They are paid a percentage for every qualifying purchase made through the CORE Gaming online store using that affiliate link.

Applying to become an affiliate starts online at the CORE Gaming website. It’s an easy process, participation is free, and participants are able to track their progress through their own affiliate dashboards.

"With our large average order size, high quality and desirable products, numerous partners, free shipping on orders over $75, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, CORE Gaming is a perfect fit for affiliate marketers," says June.

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