Got Power? With Mobile Edge You Never Have to Leave Home Without It

Got Power? With Mobile Edge You Never Have to Leave Home Without It

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Mobile Power Banks Provide Crucial Backup Power for Mobile Devices

If you’re on the go for more than eight hours a day, you depend on mobile power to get your devices connected and keep you connected. The problem is the average smartphone battery charge lasts only 5 to 7 hours, depending on the model, screen brightness, the number and type of apps you have open, and (to some extent) luck. Do the math. To bridge the gap, you need a reliable mobile power bank.

Mobile Edge’s CORE Power AC USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger is the perfect mobile power solution for a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and even power-hungry laptops. It delivers an incredible 85 watts of power and features a universal AC outlet, which means you don’t need any special adapters for your laptop or netbook. Just plug in as you would any wall outlet.

“We’ve all been there. You’re on deadline for work or school, your boss calls, your spouse, your mom or dad, or you’re simply gaming to de-stress, and your device’s battery dies at the worst possible moment,” says Paul June, VP of Marketing for Mobile Edge, a leading manufacturer of protective laptop and gaming console cases, backpacks, and accessories, including mobile power solutions. “With the right mobile power bank, those times can be a thing of the past—and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better gift than a mobile power bank to help keep you and your mom connected all year round?”

For less power-needy devices, the 10,000mAh 18W Fast Charge High-Capacity Power Bank can charge 2 to 3 USB devices simultaneously, making it an ideal portable backup power source for USB mobile tech, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, Bluetooth headsets & speakers, wearable devices, drones, or practically any other USB device.

Since both power banks are lightweight, compact, and durable, they can go with you practically anywhere, including airplane carry-on. Both meet carry-on requirements for lithium-ion batteries, with the CORE Power AC USB power bank at the maximum watt-hours allowed by the FAA.

In addition to its universal AC outlet, the 27,000mAh CORE Power bank’s three types of USB ports work with virtually any USB device, including Micro USB, Lightning, USB-C, and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

The 10,000mAh Power Bank is engineered with Power Delivery (PD) and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. With it, compatible devices such as the latest iPhones and Samsung smartphones can charge from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes.

“For nearly two decades, Mobile Edge has worked with gamers, students, and professionals to design and manufacture protective cases and backpacks consumers can depend on to organize, store, and transport their gear safely,” explains June. “With these mobile power banks and our entire lineup of accessories, we continue this tradition of collaboration and innovation by helping consumers fill their ‘go-bags’ with the essential tech they can rely on.”


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