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Quality Gear for Playing In-Person or Online

As the school year ends and spring morphs into summer, young adults are headed home from college or starting new careers, while others ramp up their seasonal travels. The good news for all is that their video gaming adventures don’t have to end. The right gaming gear from CORE Gaming can serve as a bridge that enhances gaming experiences for in-person play or online play across miles.

“These days, keeping the games going all summer long is no big deal,” says Paul June, VP of Marketing for CORE Gaming. “Even distance is inconsequential, with so many great multi-player online games. What is needed, whether meeting up at a friend’s place or playing online from different corners of the world, is quality gear.”

Quality gaming headsets, controllers, and keyboards enhance communication and gameplay, making sessions more immersive and online experiences more seamless. Ergonomic chairs and desks ensure extended gaming sessions remain comfortable, whether gaming with friends nearby or across the globe.

Here are CORE Gaming’s eight must-have items for gamers to make their summer gaming more enjoyable.

#1. MOBILE POWER—Mobile gaming is by far the preferred platform of today’s gamers. More than two-thirds play games on their mobile devices. Staying connected while on the go and off the grid is vital.

CORE Power’s 24000 mAh AC/USB Laptop Charger can charge up to four devices at once, including a laptop. Outputs include a 65W USB-C port and a built-in 80W AC outlet. It’s also an easy fit for carry-on bags and backpacks. For less-demanding power needs, the 20,000 mAh 18W PD+QC Fast Charge High-Capacity Power Bank is ideal for tablets, smartphones, and other USB devices.

#2. GAMING BACKPACKS—Our award-winning, stylish CORE Gaming Back carries lots of gear in three large storage sections that hold gaming laptops up to 17 inches and popular gaming consoles. Interior sections are pre-wired for connecting to a mobile power bank, plus there’s an external USB 3.0 Quick-Charge compatible port.

Another award winner, the CORE Gaming Tactical Backpack is for serious gamers who need lots of room, top protection, and configurable storage. Made from the same ballistic nylon found in flak jackets, it takes a beating while the gaming gear inside doesn’t. Highly configurable, the backpack’s external, front webbing can be customized using removable “MOLLE” pockets.

With its unique white exterior, reflective Alienware head logo, and silver interior, the special edition, legacy Alienware Area-51m Elite Backpack is a great way for Alienware fans to show off style and personality. Highlights include three compartments, six exterior pockets, and seven inside pockets.

#3. GAMING HEADSETS—CORE Gaming’s best-selling LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset from LucidSound lets gamers upgrade their audio without breaking the bank. Ultra-lightweight and comfortable, this headset works great with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

#4. GAME CONTROLLERS—These top-sellers enhance precision, responsiveness, and comfort, elevating the gaming experience.

Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite from PowerA include Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, two mappable advanced gaming buttons, and superior ergonomics. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries deliver up to 30 hours of game time.

With three light zones, an Xbox share button, a headset jack, and precision-tuned thumb sticks, the Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller is a one-of-a-kind gamepad filled with customizable features. It’s made for Xbox Series X|S.

#5. GAMING KEYBOARD—The light, ultra-slim Cherry G84-4420 Compact Keyboard features individual keys with gold crosspoint contacts. It’s designed to enhance performance and comfort during long gaming sessions, with over 20 million confirmations per key.

#6. GAMING MOUSE—The Favo RGB Gaming Mouse from Arozzi features a honeycomb pattern that provides ventilation to keep palms cool and fresh during use. It comes with RGB lighting that can be controlled directly on the mouse.

#7. GAMING CHAIRS—Built to last and featuring soft, premium upholstery that’s easy to clean, Arozzi’s Verona Signature PU Gaming Chair supports up to 290 lbs. Highlights include adjustable height, high backrest, armrests, lumbar pillow, swivel, tilt, and rocker functions.

#8. GAMING DESKS—Also from Arozzi, the Arena Fratello Curved Office/Gaming Desk keeps gear organized and accessible. Features include a full-surface, water-resistant, machine-washable mouse pad, cutouts for cable management and monitor attachment, and sturdy steel legs.

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About CORE Gaming

CORE Gaming launched with the 2017 debut of the award-winning CORE Gaming Backpack, which soon became the cornerstone of CORE Gaming’s product family. This lineup of smartly designed gaming products has evolved to feature an expanded roster of CORE Gaming Backpacks and mobile power accessories plus top gaming desks and chairs, headsets, and controllers from partners such as Arozzi, HyperGear, LucidSound, Patriot Memory, Viper Gaming, and PowerA, among others. CORE Gaming represents performance, reliability, and style for gamers of all types and abilities around the globe—and it’s all backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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