In March 2008, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced plans to implement new security procedures that would allow travelers to pass through airport security checkpoints without having to remove their laptops from their cases. Simultaneously, the TSA issued a request to laptop bag manufacturers to create “Checkpoint Friendly” laptop bags to help speed up security lines, allowing passengers to get to their departure gates in a timely manner. These new cases help shorten wait times for more than 250 million passengers that travel annually in the U.S.

You no longer need to remove your laptop from your case.
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TSA gave specific guidelines they required for each laptop bag to comply with in order to be TSA compliant or Checkpoint Friendly. The laptop compartment must be independent and clear of any other gadgets, cords, metal zippers, etc. TSA screeners must have a clear unobstructed view of the laptop itself. As long as these strict requirements are met, the new designed laptop bags would be cleared for use at all U.S. airports. If laptop bags do not meet these specific guidelines that will not be considered Checkpoint Friendly and the traveler will have to remove their laptop bag from their case.


Core Gaming was among the first manufacturers to offer Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags in the marketplace. Their ScanFast™ Collection of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Cases exceeds all TSA guidelines to be Checkpoint Friendly. In fact, the Design Team at Core Gaming took the TSA requirements one step further and made the padded computer compartment see through with large writing for TSA agents to easily read, “Checkpoint Friendly.” Business travelers sent feedback to Core Gaming announcing how easy their trip was going though security checkpoints thanks to their new ScanFast laptop case they purchased.

The TSA does not officially endorse any private company’s products, so companies cannot claim their cases are “TSA Approved.” However, companies can say their laptop cases are TSA compliant if they meet their astringent criterion.

Core Gaming leads the Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag category by offering 14 different styles of TSA compliant laptop cases designed for both men and women.Core Gaming is known for their stylish women’s laptop cases and now offers six different styles of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Cases as part of their ScanFast for Her Collection. All Core Gaming Laptop Bags come with a Lifetime Warranty.