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Reach new heights with the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S. Officially licensed by Xbox, this beautifully designed & brilliantly engineered controller is packed with performance-driving features.

  • Xbox Series X|S controller with superior ergonomics and classic button layout
  • Two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons
  • Immersive dual rumble motors
  • Standard 3.5mm stereo headset jack for in-game audio
  • Share Button to capture and share screenshots and clips
  • Volume dial with One-touch Chat Mute
  • Detachable 9.8ft (3m) USB cable with Velcro closure
  • Officially licensed by Xbox for Xbox Series X|S and compatible with Xbox One and PC
  • Two-year limited warranty; visit PowerA.com/Support

Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
" nice"

bought this mainly for pc gaming, didn't want to drop a whole ton of money on a controller and figured i could find one that looked, felt, and performed decently without breaking the bank. i've only had it for a few days now, but so far it's been amazing considering the price. i haven't used many controllers so i can't really say when it comes to deadzones and etc, but as an average dude i think the controller does its job perfectly fine. it comes with a super long micro-usb cable (like 10ft i think) and feels pretty solid build wise. the programmable buttons on the back are super easy to setup and are perfect for games that have a sprint button so you can hold it down while using both joysticks. the d pad feels pretty firm but has a little wobble if you move it around, but not enough to the point i would consider it a problem. coming from a logitech f310 the joysticks were a lot smaller than i expected but i got used to it pretty quick, not sure if it's a standard xbox controller design thing since i've never owned one before. i literally looked through every possible controller i could find on amazon and i kept finding mixed reviews or absurd prices before finally deciding on this one with much apprehension. i understand the struggle of finding a good controller for a reasonable price, and i honestly just wanted to leave a review to help people who were in the same situation i was. if the controller starts acting up i'll be back to update my review, if not (hopefully) you'll never see me again and should definitely pick this up

"works great on my windows 10 PC"

bought this because I have arthritis and trying to manuever my character in Ark Survival Evolved was hell using a keyboard and track pad. I cant use a mouse as that hurts the fingers horribly. this makes game playing a little easier.

I find the controller to be a bit awkward. the D pad is just a smidge to far to the center. Consequently if I try to click the right button it often results in the top being clicked instead.
I find the L2 and R2 triggers are not long enough. super short and feels like i have to reach finger up instead of just easily pressing either one.
It feels very well made.
Im not a fan of the two extra buttons underneath. To easy to accidentally hit them. SO I likely will not program them for anything.
No instruction in the box. but literally plug and play. Worked great!
I would have preferred a wireless controller. However, with my laptop it seems wired works best. And the cord is very nicely done. longer than I need it to be. However if I had an xbox the extra length would be a blessing as I keep my consoles across the room under the tele.
Id give it six stars if it werent for the Dpad and the short R2/L2

"Really good...IMO could be great"

So far this is a good controller. The main reason it's not 5 stars is the trigger stops feel kinda flimsy the first time I switched them it was tight but after a few times it feels less tight. Now the trigger stops do what they are suppose to I just hope they hold up. Now for the controller.... Honestly it's finish feels awesome. The matte top feels and looks great. The programmable buttons are in a perfect spot for me. They care sensitive. It's not a CLICK type button but I like the pressure it takes and how sensitive they are. The lights look really cool and you have numerous color option but I can take them or leave them. This is my second Powera controller...the first was NOT a good experience but This controller feels comfortable....precise and seems well built. I do wish PowerA would forget about the flashyness ( aka-the lights) and concentrate on performance and control. They have a good controller here but IMO I think they could make a GREAT competitive controller. I kinda want to try their new PRO controller that comes out in November. I'll see how this holds up before I make that decision. If I need to update this later I will edit this If necessary.

"Works the way I wanted it to so well I decided to write my first review!"

1. the buttons are more responsive than any other wired controller I've used.
2. programable buttons in the back made simple for new user experience.
3. Theres a middle man connection of the cable between the console and the controller so it disconnects before pulling your console.
4. You can change the responsiveness of the triggers by 1, .6 and .3 of a trigger pull giving you that edge online.
5. The pleasing asthetic of 7 interchangable colors with a fade in fade out of all 7 And the ability to turn them off altogether.

"Very nice controller"

Got this controller on pre-order and I'm happy to say it's a winner! I wanted a wired controller just to have in case we ever had a problem with our wireless controllers. What a great find this is! Has a great feel to it and the quality took me by surprise. I did not have high expectation when I purchased this controller and I'm thrilled that it turned out to be a great purchase. My son loves it and he also really likes the ability to customize certain buttons. The changeable colors are nice and bright. None of the colors are muted. I took a picture of each color so you could get an idea of how they look. The yellow/orange color doesn't show up well in pictures but it is nice and bright like the others in real life. The colors are red, orange/yellow, green, light green(looks like the chartreuse color), blue, light blue(almost an aqua/cyan color), and purple. Hopefully, we will have no issues with this controller but if we do I will make sure to come back and do an update. For now, though this is a great controller and I recommend it.

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