Power On With CORE: Mobile Edge Changes the Game in a Big Way

Power On With CORE: Mobile Edge Changes the Game in a Big Way

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For 15 years and counting, Mobile Edge has been designing and producing gaming gear with top brands. Good, solid stuff. Today, though—we want to share some exciting news.

Our team of engineers, product specialists, and R&D types have been working with gamers and gaming enthusiasts to design, develop, prototype, test, and produce a new product specifically for gamers . . . and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We’re sure you will be too.

Introducing the CORE Gaming Backpack

Mobile Edge’s full-featured CORE Gaming Backpack is the first in a line of premier gaming products to be designed and produced by Mobile Edge.

The CORE Gaming Backpack provides easy-access storage, power on-the-go, and transportation for all popular models of gaming laptops (up to 18”), plus dedicated compartments for gaming accessories, such as keyboards, controllers, headphones, and even snacks and drinks!

The CORE Gaming Backpack is also TSA checkpoint-friendly, features a trolley strap for stacking on top of other luggage, and is constructed of rugged ballistic nylon that delivers style, comfort, and reliability for a lifetime of quality, guaranteed by Mobile Edge.

Jumpstart with a Kickstart

We’re supporting the roll out of the CORE Gaming Backpack with our very first Kickstarter Campaign. That’s right—we’re inviting thousands of gamers and gaming enthusiasts just like you to help us back this project. With a successful Kickstarter, we hope to move from prototype to production quickly, with actual bags in the hands of consumers later this fall in plenty of time for winter holiday gift giving!

You might be asking, “Why would an established company with a global reputation like Mobile Edge launch a product via Kickstarter?” The answer is easy. Just as the worlds of gaming and mobility are ever-evolving, so too is the way products are marketed these days. A Kickstarter is a fun and exciting way to engage customers, loyal fans, and customers-to-be in the process of generating positive buzz about a product and building a thriving virtual community around it—not to mention becoming a source of backing to jumpstart production.

Early Birds Get the Edge

The Kickstarter Campaign starts on Tuesday, August 8. As an early bird supporter you can pre-order a brand new CORE Gaming Backpack for just $75—a huge savings of more than 40% off the suggested retail price. You’ll not only be able to get the CORE bag first before anyone else does, but you’ll also be entered automatically into a contest and receive other special offers.

Only a limited amount of CORE bags are available at early bird pricing, so we don’t expect them to last long. In fact, you might want to go to the Mobile Edge Kickstarter page right to add your name and email to the Kickstarter mailing list!

Other Ways You Can Help

Getting in on the ground floor of something exciting like the CORE Kickstarter is fun, and so is getting your friends and family involved. Be sure to share our Kickstarter page link on social (www.mobileedge.com/kick-starter-lander) and ask people to show their support by pre-ordering at discounted early bird rates.

Become An Ambassador

You can also join our exclusive CORE Influencer Program as a potential industry INFLUENCER who can help us get the word out about the campaign. Those who qualify get access to free products, new content for their blogs/social media, behind the scenes brand access, and opportunities to earn money as affiliates. All we ask for in return is for Influencers to promote the CORE Kickstarter on their social channels during the campaign. For details, visit www.mobileedge.com/kick-starter-influencer.

Kickstarter Begins August 8

Learn how you can pre-order your CORE bag by heading over to our Kickstarter page now to add your name and email to our Kickstarter mailing list!

There’s More to Come

Watch this blog for regular updates on contests and other news in the coming days, plus a special feature where we follow the fictional (but fact-based) exploits of a team of up-and-coming esports participants!

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