Students: Protect Tech as You Head Back to School | CORE Gaming

Students: Protect Tech as You Head Back to School | CORE Gaming

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As Schools Open, Protective Laptop Bags and Cases Are Essential Gear

It’s back to school, but not back to business as usual. After more than a year of remote learning, students of all ages are carrying more tech than ever, and parents are eager to buy their children even more gear so they can hit the ground running when school reopens.

With overall spending likely to exceed pre-pandemic levels, and purchases of technology expected to be up 37% for K-12 students and up 16% for college students, students will need to protect lots of valuable gear, keep it organized, and transport it safely from home or the dorm and back to school. Mobile Edge’s industry-leading selection of laptop cases, laptop- and console-ready backpacks, messenger bags, and more offer full-featured, innovative storage and safeguarding solutions for students on the go.

“As they head back to school, students will be relying on expensive tech to help them with their studies, stay connected with family and friends, and to relax through gaming and other forms of online entertainment,” explains Paul June, VP of Marketing for Anaheim-based Mobile Edge. “They can ill afford to damage their gear, lose irreplaceable data, or be without either for awfully long. A laptop case or backpack from Mobile Edge helps students protect their gear, keep it organized, and get it where it needs to go and back again in style.”

Choosing the right laptop case, backpack, or messenger bag can be a challenge. You can use this handy guide to help make your decision.

1: Size Matters—Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from smaller devices around 10 to 13 inches, to larger ones measuring upwards of 16 to 17 inches. You’ll want to know the size of the laptop your student is or will be transporting.

For example, our roomy and rugged CORE Gaming Backpack fits laptops and gaming consoles up to 17.3 to 18 inches—but don’t’ let its name fool you. It’s for more than just gamers. Console- and laptop-ready, with dedicated storage for laptops, controllers, cables, chargers, headsets, and pre-wired for a power bank or external battery, the CORE Gaming Backpack has become the “go-bag” of choice for busy students, young professionals, gamers, and others.

2: Storage & Organization—Students also need to store accessories such as cords, chargers, a mouse, memory media, controllers, mobile chargers and power banks, and even wireless keyboards. They might also want to store hardcopy files, notebooks, textbooks, pens and pencils, and even personal items such as water bottles, snacks, and car keys.

Popular with students, our no-nonsense, ergonomically designed, and super lightweight SmartPack Backpack features dedicated storage for laptops, tablets, accessories, and more. It’s available in eight colors plus a special edition made from premium graphite nylon for a distinctive, edgy look.

Our Express Backpack 2.0  is ideal for carrying laptops and Chromebooks up to 16 inches with space to spare for books, files, and accessories, as well as an integrated tablet pocket. It’s available in seven colors.

3: The Right Style—When deciding between a messenger bag, backpack, or briefcase-style case, you’ll want to consider functional aspects as well as user comfort and fashion preferences. Mobile Edge cases offer comfort features such as padded, shock-absorbing shoulder strap systems and ergonomic handles. For heavier loads, a backpack worn over both shoulders can provide the most user comfort and convenience, while a messenger bag or briefcase makes more sense for lighter loads carried by one hand (briefcase-style), slung over one shoulder, or tucked under the arm.

Students also don’t need to sacrifice fashion for functionality. Mobile Edge offers a wide assortment of styles, ranging from edgy, contemporary designs to eco-consciousness options and lots of stuff in-between.

For the eco-conscious, our all-natural, cotton canvas, ECO Laptop Messenger laptop bags are available in black, navy blue, charcoal, and olive; while our ECO Backpacks feature a dedicated, padded compartment for laptops up to 17.3 inches and separate sections for accessories and gear.

For students who want to travel fast and light, Mobile Edge Express Laptop / Chromebook 2.0 Cases carry computer essentials without any unnecessary bulk. Their unique design lets students work right out of the case, which is perfect for those quick moments on the bus, in the cafeteria, study hall, or wherever you happen to be. It also features a front zippered section for accessories and an interior file compartment.

For minimalists, our water-resistant SlipSuit Sleeves are designed to be carried like a briefcase or slipped into a larger protective case. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit PC laptops and Apple MacBooks.

4: Power-on-the-Go—The days of running low on power with no charging outlet in sight are long gone with our mobile power banks.

Delivering an amazing 85 watts of power, Mobile Edge’s CORE Power AC USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger provides mobile power for a wide range of devices, including laptops and gaming consoles. With its universal AC outlet, no special adapters are required. Lightweight, compact, and durable, it slips easily into laptop bags or backpacks. For students who need to travel by air to college or university, this power bank also meets carry-on requirements for lithium-ion batteries.

For other less power-hungry devices, students can rely on the 10,000mAh 18W Fast Charge High-Capacity Power Bank or 20,000mAh 18W PD+QC Fast Charge High-Capacity Power Bank. These slim power banks can charge multiple USB devices simultaneously and make great mobile power sources for smartphones, tablets, cameras, headsets, speakers, wearable devices, drones, and more.

5: Peace of Mind—All Mobile Edge protective cases, backpacks, and messenger bags are backed by a lifetime warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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